Oliver Smith f7bedf5a23 subscr_conn_fsm: refactor timeouts
Use osmo_tdef_state_timeout instead of passing timers every time. Rename
g_mgw_tdefs to g_bsc_nat_tdefs and add the new TDEF_ASS_COMPL there, so
the TDEF_MGCP can be used in subscr_conn_fsm and by mgcp client without
duplicating it.

Related: SYS#5560
Change-Id: Ib34e6ccc34901ebc37d2dbe347d9644cb70921ca
2022-06-09 11:53:20 +02:00
osmocom subscr_conn_fsm: refactor timeouts 2022-06-09 11:53:20 +02:00
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