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* IP address pool functions.
* Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Mondru AB.
* The contents of this file may be used under the terms of the GNU
* General Public License Version 2, provided that the above copyright
* notice and this permission notice is included in all copies or
* substantial portions of the software.
#ifndef _IPPOOL_H
#define _IPPOOL_H
#include "../lib/in46_addr.h"
#include "../gtp/gtp.h"
/* Assuming that the address space is fragmented we need a hash table
in order to return the addresses.
The list pool should provide for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
When initialising a new address pool it should be possible to pass
a string of CIDR format networks: "" would
translate to 256 addresses starting at and 1024 addresses
starting at
The above also applies to IPv6 which can be specified as described
in RFC2373.
#define IPPOOL_STATSIZE 0x10000
struct ippoolm_t; /* Forward declaration */
struct ippool_t {
unsigned int listsize; /* Total number of addresses */
int allowdyn; /* Allow dynamic IP address allocation */
int allowstat; /* Allow static IP address allocation */
struct in46_addr stataddr; /* Static address range network address */
size_t stataddrprefixlen; /* IPv6 prefix length of stataddr */
struct ippoolm_t *member; /* Listsize array of members */
unsigned int hashsize; /* Size of hash table */
int hashlog; /* Log2 size of hash table */
int hashmask; /* Bitmask for calculating hash */
struct ippoolm_t **hash; /* Hashsize array of pointer to member */
struct ippoolm_t *firstdyn; /* Pointer to first free dynamic member */
struct ippoolm_t *lastdyn; /* Pointer to last free dynamic member */
struct ippoolm_t *firststat; /* Pointer to first free static member */
struct ippoolm_t *laststat; /* Pointer to last free static member */
struct ippoolm_t {
struct in46_addr addr; /* IP address of this member */
struct ippool_t *pool; /* Pool to which we belong */
int inuse; /* 0=available; 1= dynamic; 2 = static */
struct ippoolm_t *nexthash; /* Linked list part of hash table */
struct ippoolm_t *prev, *next; /* Linked list of free dynamic or static */
void *peer; /* Pointer to peer protocol handler */
/* The above structures require approximately 20+4 = 24 bytes for
each address (IPv4). For IPv6 the corresponding value is 32+4 = 36
bytes for each address. */
/* Hash an IP address using code based on Bob Jenkins lookupa */
extern unsigned long int ippool_hash(struct in46_addr *addr);
/* Create new address pool */
extern int ippool_new(struct ippool_t **this, const struct in46_prefix *dyn,
const struct in46_prefix *stat, int flags);
/* Delete existing address pool */
extern int ippool_free(struct ippool_t *this);
/* Find an IP address in the pool */
extern int ippool_getip(struct ippool_t *this, struct ippoolm_t **member,
struct in46_addr *addr);
/* Get an IP address. If addr = get a dynamic IP address. Otherwise
check to see if the given address is available */
extern int ippool_newip(struct ippool_t *this, struct ippoolm_t **member,
struct in46_addr *addr, int statip);
/* Return a previously allocated IP address */
extern int ippool_freeip(struct ippool_t *this, struct ippoolm_t *member);
/* Get net and mask based on ascii string */
int ippool_aton(struct in46_addr *addr, size_t *prefixlen, const char *pool, int number);
/* Increase IPv4/IPv6 address by 1 */
extern void in46a_inc(struct in46_addr *addr);
#endif /* !_IPPOOL_H */