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DEPRECATED OpenGGSN repository (predecessor of OsmoGGSN, use the latter instead)
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OpenGGSN - Gateway GPRS Support Node
Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2004 Mondru AB.
Version 0.84
* Initial MAC OSX support (Thanks to Pekka Nikander)
* Quality assurance and improved error logging (Thanks to Pekka
Nikander and Jonny Winberg)
Version 0.83
* Added selection mode and charging characteristics option to sgsnemu.
* Bug fixes on charging characteristics and PPP PCO length.(Thanks to
Loic Bernable <leto@vilya.org>).
* Improved Solaris support, hash table bugfix and improved logging.
Version 0.82
* Improved Solaris support.
* Routing manipulation and IP address alias capability for FreeBSD.
* Initial Debian port (Thanks to ARAKI Yasuhiro <ar@debian.org>).
Version 0.81
* Initial FreeBSD port (Thanks to Pavel Andreev <pavel.andreev@hp.com>).
* IMSI '1111' bugfix (Thanks to Pavel Andreev <pavel.andreev@hp.com>).
Version 0.8
* Support for compilation under Solaris.
* Iptables firewall script.
* New options for sgsnemu
Version 0.7
* Support for GTP1. Currently without support for the secondary pdp
context activation procedure.
* sgsnemu will first attempt to use GTP1. If that fails it will
fallback to using GTP0.
* Standards compliance document.
Version 0.6
* Improved README file.
* Now uses ioctl instead of ifconfig and route in ggsn and sgsnemu.
* Absolute path to gtp library in ggsn/Makefile.am and ggsn/Makefile.am
* Compiles with gengetopt 2.8 (Thanks to Lorenzo Bettini <bettini@gnu.org>)
* sgsnemu is now able to handle several contexts and allocate
interface IP addresses for each context.
* ggsn now supports protocol configuration option DNS
addresses. This allow mobile stations to set up DNS based on
information configured in the ggsn.
* Ping facility in sgsnemu allow testing without the need to route
packets through the tun interface.
* Man pages for ggsn and sgsnemu.
* Sys 5 init script.
* Spec file for building binary RPM packages.
* If not --createif exit after "ping" or "echo" finishes
* If sgsnemu echo failure, exit with code != 0
Version 0.5
* Initial release. See README file for installation and usage