Python scripting interface to OsmoNITB/OsmoMSC MNCC interface
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echo This script requires that python-ctypeslib is installed on the system
echo Unfortunately, this package is long unmaintained and only available on Debian8
# If your distro doesn't provide python-ctypeslib:
# svn co ""
# cd ctypeslib
# python2 ./ install --prefix /tmp/out
# ln -s /tmp/out/bin/h2xml
# ln -s /tmp/out/bin/xml2py
# export PYTHONPATH="$PYTHONPATH:/tmp/out/lib/python2.7/site-packages"
# export PATH="$PATH:/tmp/out/bin/"
# ./
# == Troubleshooting:
# * h2ml: Failing with tracebak OSError Not found:
# One may be missing gccxml. On arch, install gccxml-git from AUR.
# * h2xml failing due to missing gccxml_builtins.h:
# Create empty file /tmp/include/gccxml_builtins.h and pass "-I /tmp/include/" to h2xml.
# * Missing __builtin_bswap16/32/64:
# Copy from /usr/include/bits/byteswap.h defines __bswap_constant_16/32/64 to
# either start of mncc.h itself or /tmp/include/gccxml_builtins.h, and rename
# them as __builtin_bswap16/32/64.
if [ ! -x `which h2xml` ]; then
echo No h2xml executable found - python-ctypeslib not installed?
exit 1
if [ ! -x `which xml2py` ]; then
echo No xml2py executable found - python-ctypeslib not installed?
exit 1
set -xe
cp ./mncc.h /tmp/mncc.h
h2xml -I /tmp/include/ ./mncc.h -c -o mncc.xml
xml2py mncc.xml -k dest -v -o