netlink library for Linux kernel GTP code
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Pau Espin 6e7f2f2aa3 Bump version: → 1.2.3 5 months ago
.. Bump version: → 1.2.3 5 months ago
genl.c Fix CTRL_ATTR_FAMILY_ID attribute size 5 years ago
gtp-genl.c fix some cases of rc == 0 on error 7 months ago
gtp-rtnl.c Add support for SGSN role via IFLA_GTP_ROLE 6 years ago
gtp.c Re-license the library as LGPLv2-or-later 6 years ago
internal.h gtp-rtnl: Split TID handling for GTPv0 and GTPv1 7 years ago Add genl_socket_close() function 5 years ago