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Oliver Smith a2dda133e4 contrib: remove rpm spec file
Related: OS#6446
Change-Id: Idca6e77cb94529d4a5d85b004989db5b8993a82c
2024-05-08 14:40:52 +02:00
Gabriel Ganne 465b76dfca install gtp-tunnel and gtp-link tools
This eases quick setup for demonstration purposes.

Change-Id: I674c463989bc1529bfe132b7ec0df7a0052169df
2021-02-12 09:36:52 +01:00
Pau Espin 102c81cf1b Enable parallel make in make distcheck
Related: OS#4421
Change-Id: I4fd59946c771906b5ec36e605fa8e6cbc648beec
2020-10-12 17:44:21 +02:00
Oliver Smith 01b2d940a0 contrib: integrate RPM spec
Remove OpenSUSE bug report link, set version to @VERSION@, make it build with
CentOS 8 etc.

Related: OS#4550
Change-Id: I5376fde96c7442eb70f49a2ce38f57a817a94f81
2020-05-19 15:19:35 +02:00
Oliver Smith 2f276eb3c6 contrib: import RPM spec
Copy the RPM spec file from:

Related: OS#4550
Change-Id: I3c9c989972cd223a46d28955edbfe4c69b7a7afb
2020-05-14 11:18:39 +02:00
Oliver Smith d160a73a41 contrib/ run "make maintainer-clean"
Related: OS#3047
Change-Id: I20997b986b24ced9bb8d6d66a66d5ec2bafd00f2
2019-07-10 11:57:27 +02:00
Harald Welte 134d0a386d Add '--enable-sanitize' from other osmocom projects
Change-Id: Iac9ce76ce4ca5f5247bc42c16bb365d94cfde156
2017-11-12 22:48:15 +09:00
Harald Welte 66a60a13b6 Add contrib/ for jenkins build verification
Change-Id: I88a52f4adb08826f714bd32b1dfddd249f780c99
2017-11-12 13:47:09 +00:00