gtp-tunnel: display i_tei in help

display <tid|i_tei> in help message that is printed.

Change-Id: I0aa78e654f23a2b6588ac8e1e5508e798caad1a7
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Pablo Neira Ayuso 2024-01-31 13:09:20 +01:00 committed by Oliver Smith
parent 64b5757043
commit 791a620e4d
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@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ del_tunnel(int argc, char *argv[], int genl_id, struct mnl_socket *nl)
uint32_t gtp_ifidx;
if (argc != 6) {
printf("%s del <gtp device> <version> <tid> <family>\n",
printf("%s del <gtp device> <version> <tid|i_tei> <family>\n",