asn1c runtime code as shared library
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Pau Espin 3e483e5950
Disable _ASN_STACK_OVERFLOW_CHECK if building with Asan enabled
3 weeks ago
contrib contrib/jenkins: Enable parallel make in make distcheck 3 years ago
debian debian: set compat level to 10 1 month ago
include Disable _ASN_STACK_OVERFLOW_CHECK if building with Asan enabled 3 weeks ago
m4 add dummy 'm4/.dummy' file to make autoreconf happy 13 years ago
src INTEGER: ignore invalid -Warray-bounds from GCC-10 2 months ago
.gitignore .gitignore: Add configure~ 4 weeks ago
.gitreview add .gitreview to support git review plugin 6 years ago
COPYING add COPYING with original licenes 13 years ago build: Support make release target 5 years ago
asn1c-talloc.patch update to asn1c aper branch commit 6e00cbce7304a6972e82a12bb5fa82e41fa541be 8 years ago fix libtool issue with clang and sanitizer 1 year ago
git-version-gen Use git-version-gen to set VERSION 5 years ago link libasn1c against libmath, don't ask users to do it 6 years ago