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* Represet M3UA client (and later server) links
#pragma once
#include "mtp_data.h"
#include <osmocom/core/write_queue.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
struct mtp_m3ua_client_link {
struct mtp_link *base;
struct osmo_wqueue queue;
struct osmo_timer_list connect_timer;
char *source;
struct sockaddr_in local;
char *dest;
struct sockaddr_in remote;
int link_index;
int routing_context;
uint32_t traffic_mode;
/* state of the link */
int aspsm_active;
int asptm_active;
/* reliability handling */
struct osmo_timer_list aspac_ack_timer;
int aspac_ack_timeout;
struct mtp_m3ua_client_link *mtp_m3ua_client_link_init(struct mtp_link *link);
const char *m3ua_traffic_mode_name(uint32_t mode);
uint32_t m3ua_traffic_mode_num(const char *argv);