apps/siggen: add parameter to specify named gains

Dimitri Stolnikov 2014-03-11 10:44:06 +01:00
parent e0d1fb0377
commit d29896d854
1 changed files with 19 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -200,6 +200,23 @@ class top_block(gr.top_block, pubsub):
if self._verbose:
print "Set gain to:", gain
if self._verbose:
gain_names = self.src.get_gain_names()
for name in gain_names:
range = self.src.get_gain_range(name)
print "%s gain range: start %d stop %d step %d" % (name, range.start(), range.stop(), range.step())
if options.gains:
for tuple in options.gains.split(","):
name, gain = tuple.split(":")
gain = int(gain)
print "Setting gain %s to %d." % (name, gain)
self.src.set_gain(gain, name)
if self._verbose:
rates = self.src.get_sample_rates()
print 'Supported sample rates %d-%d step %d.' % (rates.start(), rates.stop(), rates.step())
# Set the antenna
ant = self._sink.set_antenna(options.antenna, 0)
@ -436,6 +453,8 @@ def get_options():
help="Set sample rate (bandwidth), minimum by default")
parser.add_option("-g", "--gain", type="eng_float", default=None,
help="Set gain in dB (default is midpoint)")
parser.add_option("-G", "--gains", type="string", default=None,
help="Set named gain in dB, name:gain,name:gain,...")
parser.add_option("-f", "--tx-freq", type="eng_float", default=None,
help="Set carrier frequency to FREQ [default=mid-point]",