fcd is supported only in single device mode

this is due to underlying original driver's (in)capabilities
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@ -109,15 +109,15 @@ This parameter controls the data type of the stream in gnuradio.
Device Arguments:
The device argument is a delimited string used to locate devices on your system.
Use the device id or name (if applicable) to specify a specific device or list
Use the device id or name (if applicable) to specify a certain device or list
of devices. If left blank, the first device found will be used.
fcd=0 fcd=1 fcd=2 ...
rtl=0 rtl=1 rtl=2,rtl_xtal=28.80001e6,tuner_xtal=26e6,buffers=64 ...
rtl=0,rtl_xtal=28.80001e6,tuner_xtal=26e6,buffers=64 ...
uhd=0|name,mcr=52e6,nchan=2,subdev='\\\\'B:0 A:0'\\\\' ...
osmosdr=0|name,mcr=64e6,nchan=5,port=/dev/ttyUSB0 ...
file=/path/to/file.ext,freq=428e6,rate=1e6,repeat=true,throttle=true ...
Num Channels:
Selects the total number of channels in this multi-device configuration.