bladerf: remove vestigial map

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Rey Tucker 2017-09-19 17:02:11 -04:00 committed by Dimitri Stolnikov
parent b4e69137f3
commit 2e2ff98c83
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@ -56,18 +56,6 @@ std::list<boost::weak_ptr<struct bladerf>> bladerf_common::_devs;
/* name for system-wide gain (which is not its own libbladeRF gain stage) */
static const char *SYSTEM_GAIN_NAME = "system";
typedef std::pair<size_t,size_t> bladerf_rxtx_pair;
typedef std::pair<bladerf_board_type, bladerf_rxtx_pair> bladerf_chan_rxtx_pair;
typedef std::map<bladerf_board_type, bladerf_rxtx_pair> bladerf_chan_rxtx_map;
/* Mapping of bladeRF board model to maximum supported channels for (rx, tx) */
static bladerf_chan_rxtx_map const _max_chans = {
bladerf_chan_rxtx_pair(BOARD_TYPE_UNKNOWN, bladerf_rxtx_pair(1,1)),
bladerf_chan_rxtx_pair(BOARD_TYPE_NONE, bladerf_rxtx_pair(0,0)),
bladerf_chan_rxtx_pair(BOARD_TYPE_BLADERF_1, bladerf_rxtx_pair(1,1)),
bladerf_chan_rxtx_pair(BOARD_TYPE_BLADERF_2, bladerf_rxtx_pair(2,2)),
/* Determines if bladerf_version is greater or equal to major.minor.patch */
static bool _version_greater_or_equal(const struct bladerf_version *version,
unsigned int major,