GNU Radio block for interfacing with various radio hardware
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title: gr-osmosdr
brief: GNU Radio block for interfacing with radio hardware
- rtlsdr
- bladerf
- airspy
- rfspace
- hackrf
- soapy
- sdrplay
- uhd
- osmocom
- Dimitri Stolnikov <>
- Dimitri Stolnikov <>
license: GPLv3
repo: git://
GNU Radio block for RTSA-like spectrum visualization using OpenCL and OpenGL acceleration
![FFT]( "osmocom_fft")
![SIG]( "osmocom_siggen")
![GS2]( "osmocom_siggen with hackrf")
Support for gr-fosphor in `osmocom_fft` is available through the -F option.
![LTE]( "LTE")
![GSM]( "GSM")
Please refer to the documentation on
for installation instructions.